Minecraft Challenge


Minecraft in the Kids Interactive Zone

Immerse yourself in our unique Minecraft area with other local Minecrafters. View the builds and illustrations entered into our Minecraft Challenge, participate in the Barn Run, create a world in the Crafting Corner and have your photo taken at the Photo Spot. This area is for Minecrafters by Minecrafters, and will be making its return for its second year with many exciting new additions that you’ll have to be there to see!

Make Smoking History Kelmscott Show Minecraft Challenge

This is your chance… you have been preparing for this day for ages! Team up with friends or go it alone, the competition is on to create either an agricultural or happiness themed Minecraft build, or an open digital/hand-drawn Minecraft artwork/illustration for display at this years Make Smoking History Kelmscott Show, with the chance to win some cool Minecraft merchandise!

Entry to this competition is FREE!

Minecraft Challenge Exhibit Entry Form

Entries close 7pm Wednesday 5th October, 2016.


So, what do I build?
For the agricultural category: we are looking for anything and all things agricultural/farming. Real, fantasy, future-tech or only on Minecraft.. it’s up to you!
For the happiness category: your interpretation of happy, or something that makes you happy.

No, really, I don’t know what to build!
Some of our suggestions are from a small farm with barn to a super awesome redstone powered farm; a farm built high in the sky (or nether!); custom farm vehicles like tractors or harvesters; giant farm animal statues; using coloured wool to make a giant 2D painting..

Can I build with friends?
Yes! Start a server and build something as a team! While you will all be given credit, only a single prize is awarded though so please keep that in mind.

Is there a server we can use?
Unfortunately not.. else we would be on it all the time!

Can I draw instead?
Definitely! We would LOVE for you to draw Minecraft themed pictures as well as or instead! Either hand drawn or digital, as long as you personally created it.

How do I win?
All prizes are judges choice based on a set criteria, which includes attention to detail and creativity.

Can I use MCEdit or YouTube tutorials?
MCEdit is allowed and you can watch tutorials for learning, but all creations must be your own work. Just try and make sure your submission is unique!

What do I submit?
If a Minecraft build, you’ll just need to include between 3-6 screenshots (or photograph if necessary) of your creation, or if an illustration a high resolution scan of it. Check out the second page of the entry form for more details.

How many things can I submit?
SUBMIT ALL THE ENTRIES! Multiple entries are permitted (woohoo!) but depending on the number of submissions, not all may be on display but all will be eligible for prizes.

When is the end date for entering?
The deadline is Wednesday 5th October 2016 at 7pm, this means you have most of the school holidays to build!

What if I have other questions?
Send us an email at minecraft@kelmscottshow.com.au or get in touch with us on Facebook

Alright, how do I get started?
Grab that shovel and pick axe! Load up Minecraft and start building!

Good luck, Minecrafters!