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Our show attracts approximately 15,000 local, country and overseas visitors and exhibitors to Rushton Park in Kelmscott for a celebration that has been an annual family treat for generations of Kelmscott and surrounding district residents. This success generates considerable positive media attention, representing a unique opportunity for exposure by the business sector to its local community. We are a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.

Sponsorship enquiries can be made to the Sponsorship Coordinator and package information is available here.

Getaway Outdoors - Kelmscott

Getaway Outdoors is an exciting new fishing, camping, leisure and lifestyle retailer. We stock a wide range of products and equipment to help you get out and enjoy the outdoors, whatever your pursuit might be. Our friendly staff has a wide range of skills and expertise and is always happy to help with any enquiries. Call in and see Michelle and her team at Getaway Outdoors Kelmscott.



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